Ready to adopt? Learn how to take care of a dog

If you have decided to adopt a dog, congratulations. In the initial phase it is important that the owner and the pet adapt to the new situation, which involves changes for everyone. In a previous post we have already given some hints on how to educate a puppy, in this post we will deal with the topic of how to take care of a dog.

Spend time every day

To take care of a dog properly you need to have time every day. In addition to walks, you need to play with him and give him affection and hygienic care every day. You also need time to educate him. To take good care of a dog it is not enough to dedicate 5 minutes a day.

While it is in the process of learning it is normal that it makes some mischief, you have to be patient. The education of your pet is essential to improve the bonds of affection and communication between you.

Consider adopting a senior dog

Many times, unconsciously, we tend to prefer the adoption of puppies over senior dogs (from 6 years old or older in the case of small dogs). However, the adoption of a senior dog has many advantages.

Senior dogs are usually already educated. They already know how to behave in a house. They are less active, although this does not exclude that they enjoy long walks and an outdoor life. They are more grateful, they will immediately offer you their unconditional affection. He will become your faithful friend and will be grateful for what you did for him.

The role of the little ones in the house

If there are small children in the family, due to the strong bond they feel towards their pets, they can also collaborate in the care of the dog. A study by the Affinity Foundation, in which they asked children between 9-13 years old, showed their great capacity of sacrifice for their pets.

It is very important to involve children in pet care. Not only because of the benefit for the animal and for the children, but also because of the importance of children being aware of the respect that animals deserve. They are our future!