Environmental health dog barking: why does my dog bark ?

If your dog does not bark, you will be worried because all dogs bark naturally. However, some dogs take barking a notch higher, barking uncontrollably at anything or anyone out of fear or another reason. If your dog barks excessively and annoys your neighbors, pay attention to the tips on this piece. You will understand why it does that and how to comfort your anxious dog.

What are the reasons that can make a dog bark?

Your dog may bark to alert you about something that is happening that instant. It may bark to warn you when a stranger is approaching your home or as a warning to the stranger not to come any closer.

Your dog may bark when bored, wants your attention, or want to play with you. It could bark when it is happy, afraid offireworks or thunder.

In addition, when your dog is thirsty, hungry, curious, or just happy it can start barking. Show your dog some emotion, and it will bark a little in response to your presence and care.

How can you stop a dog from barking?

To be able to stop your dog from barking, you firstly need to find out the reason it often barks and causes a nuisance. Track what it does when you leave with a video camera or get information from neighbors when it usually starts barking. Leave as usual and wait for it to start barking and go back into your home and vehemently tell it to stop.

If the dog barks at the same time daily, when your family is leaving the house to the office, take it for a stroll at that precise time to calm it down. Anytime it starts barking at things outside your ground or plot, do not allow it outside alone. Take the dog away from windows to stop it from seeing other people or animals.

When it is outside barking and want to go inside, open the door. Take the dog for exercise before you leave it alone. You can take the dog along when you go out or ask a family member or associate to take care of your dog.

Providing a good environment for the dog, what to do?

Most dogs will bark at loud noise from a passing car, the change of weather, and on seeing other animals. To stop the unusual barking, you can create a conducive environment with these tips.

When it is barking, tell it to keep quiet. Monitor the time it barks and if it is when you are leaving your home, give it something to do. If you are inside and hear a stressful cry, bring it inside the house or its own house to stop its nervousness. It may need company because dogs normally go in groups.

Train your dog to follow a consistent pattern. Reward your dog with a treat or prize each time it is quiet when it would usually have barked. Play music in a low tone and buy your dog playthings or something to gnaw. Do not discipline your dog for uncontrollable barking, get another dog or put a mechanical device around him that stops barking. These things might make the problem worse and make the dog too nervous.

If your dog is unduly needy, and barks uncontrollably when left alone, take it to a vet or animal psychologist.