Frug dog health issues: how to treat health issues for your dog?

Dogs are man best friends and for those who have cute little Pug, they can be a great pet. These dog breeds have very beautiful eyes and amazing furs, however, to keep them in good condition, one has to think about their health problems. They are unfortunately prone to certain health complications. Let’s look at the particular health issues they can have, and various treatment solutions that are appropriate.

How to treat health issues for your Frug dog?

To treat the Frug dog’s health issues, here are some suggestions:

Take them to the Vet regularly

Like all pets, your Frug dog needs periodic health examinations from the veterinary doctor. It doesn’t have to be severely sick before you visit him. At the first sign of mild illness, contact your dog vets.

Walk your dog daily

While many people might not feel this is important, it actually is. As a matter of fact, a regular walk daily can be crucial especially for those with obese or slightly overweight dogs. These walks should be for a few minutes up to three times daily.

Always clean your Pug properly

Regularly, their pretty wrinkles might be infested with lice, yeast, or bacteria. These may not need the vet’s attention as a good bath will suffice. Also, those with ear infections should be properly cleaned. They aren’t your regular dogs, they need to be pampered and treated with care.

What can be Frug dog health issues?

There is a plethora of health issues a Frug dog can face, they include:

Skin conditions

There is a popular health problem with Frug dogs, and they usually affect them because their furs have folds that harbor fungi and bacteria.

Breathing health issues

Many frug dogs have palates that have issues when breathing especially when they are over happy or exposed to high temperature for a while. These problems can be noticed when the dog starts wheezing and panting uncontrollably.

Eye issues

This dog breed suffers from eye problems like cataracts especially as they age. These can be mitigated by not exposing their sights directly to light and regular checkups.

Frug Dog Encephalitis (PDE)

This illness happens when the dog’s brain cell suddenly has inflammation. This is particularly common with Frug dog’s age three and four years. Medical studies say this disease happens between related breeds which implies it has some genetic history.

Solutions to solve Frug dog health issues

Here are some suggested solutions that could help when dealing with pug health issues.

Regular Preventive checks

This is more of a precautionary solution because it forestalls any severe health problems the Pug could have.

Good Dog diet

A Frug dog isn’t your roadside dog that can feed on any dog food. When they are suffering from any illness, giving them the appropriate dog diet builds up their immunity and lets their cells fight off any ailments.


This is usually recommended for pugs with oral melanoma and other skin tumors. When these surgeries are carried out in reputable veterinary offices and by experts, they are usually successful.

Hormonal supplements

This is an appropriate solution for pugs suffering from Alopecia (hair loss). This ailment is coming among pugs but using a good supplement will reduce the rate of hair loss.

Pugs are pretty cute pets which many lovers of dogs have, however taking care of their health problems with the above-mentioned solutions will help every time.