Requirements to adopt a dog

When you consider adopting a dog, the first thing you should seriously consider is whether you have the time and predisposition to do it. Incorporating a dog into your routine, especially if it is a puppy, implies a significant level of dedication and effort, which can greatly modify your lifestyle.

Adopt a dog in UK

Dogs are extraordinary animals with an infinite capacity to offer affection, but they have a dependent nature and a series of needs that you cannot overlook. Daily walks, routine care (bathing, brushing, nail trimming and teeth cleaning), as well as playtime and socialization with other dogs, are aspects that will be part of your life together for more than 10 years. And to this we must add the veterinary visits that may occur, with the cost that this entails.

How and where to adopt a dog

If you have already evaluated all these aspects and you decide to go ahead with the adoption, the first thing you should do is to find out how to adopt dogs, knowing the ways and conditions to do it, as well as the requirements to adopt a dog. Currently, there are many shelters, shelters, shelters, associations and other local non-profit organizations that offer the possibility of adopting dogs of different ages, sizes, breeds and characteristics.

Most of them have a website that allows you to know the different profiles of dogs for adoption (age, size, history, character), and some of them even offer the option to filter the search according to the parameters that you have preset.

If the selected organization is close to your town, we recommend that you make a visit to meet the dogs and receive more personalized advice. Keep in mind that many shelters offer the possibility to walk the chosen dog or foster it temporarily before formalizing the adoption, so that you can assess your level of affinity and well-being together.

Price of adopting a dog

At the same time, the organization will inform you of the adoption cost, which will depend on the age of the dog you are going to adopt. The average adoption price ranges from 180€ (puppies under 4 months old) to 100€ (adult dogs up to 7 years old). Dogs older than 10 years are usually offered free of charge.

These costs are derived from the veterinary care received up to the date of adoption, to ensure that all dogs are delivered with their vaccination record up to date, sterilized if they are adults, dewormed internally and externally and microchipped. In the case of taking in a puppy, the organization will surely offer you the possibility of having it sterilized by their own veterinarians when it reaches sexual maturity, for a price lower than the market average